Studies in Restaurant Versatility: Lorabie Bakery & Cafe


Lorabie Bakery & Cafe is a cheap eats landmark on Kissena Boulevard in Flushing.

Sometimes, high real estate costs make diversification and maximum use of a space necessary parts of staying in business, but never have we seen such an extreme case as Lorabie Bakery & Cafe. Below, we parse out the signs in the windows to get an idea of the complete menu–which expands the potential patronage of the cafe to nearly everyone living in the neighborhood, or just passing through, as I was.

The awning offers baked goods (symbolized by a doughnut, or maybe it’s a bagel), fresh sushi (as opposed to stale sushi?), and something called “wingo wings,” which look more like wingo drumsticks to me.

The cafe also serves as a premises for a restaurant called Sahara, which, despite the African name, specializes in halal tandoori.

That same sub-restaurant apparently presents its food in a buffet.


Lorabie, of course, is a good place to dash in and score a cup of coffee.

Like the awning says, fresh sushi is one of the cafe’s signal products.

Baked good are undoubtedly available, including cakes and “well being breads.”

During Ramadan, a special iftar box was furnished for sundown fast-breaking purposes.

Strangest of all, perhaps, are the stabs at fusing the various cuisines, as in this advertised special of a naan teriyaki wrap, which curdles the blood of the culinary anthropologist. Free samples offered!

Finally, there are Circus Man frozen pops and what look like Taiwanese shaved ices for dessert.