Subway Set to Take Over the World; Does Staten Island Really Have the Best Pizza?


Jeff Orlick, organizer of the 5-Boro Pizza Tour, and his tourmates have deemed Staten Island’s Salvatore of Soho the best slice in the city. Brooklyn won overall for variety and consistency of pizzerias.
[NY Daily News]

Cadbury’s CEO has acknowledged that merging with Kraft makes “some strategic sense.” Cadbury asked the U.K. takeover regulator to put Kraft on notice that it must formalize its bid soon, which looks like a pressure tactic to force Kraft to raise its $16.7 billion bid.
[Wall Street Journal]

Apparently, added salt is an acquired taste, and can just as easily be un-acquired by gradually using less salt. A decade-old study by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute says we should reduce our salt intake and (duh) eat more grains, fruits, and vegetables.
[NY Times]

A new study reveals that capsaicin, the compound that makes chili peppers spicy, could reduce damage from heart attacks by actually applying it to the abdominal skin prior to or immediately after a cardiac episode.
[Wall Street Journal]

Subway is set to take over McDonald’s for having the highest number of stores around the globe. The sandwich chain is expecting to reach 31,800 stores this week, nearing the 32,158 locations the Golden Arches has worldwide.
[NY Post]