A Mayor’s Battle with Food; Meet the Foodiots


Can food be art? Ferran Adria’s creations at elBulli just may be. A new book entitled Food for Thought: Thought for Food launching in the U.S. features essays by art experts and critics about their experiences eating at the restaurant.
[Washington Post]

Emmanuel Rubin, one of the founders of Le Fooding who is not longer associated with it, says that the organization has lost its way. Others in France agree, adding that Le Fooding is “more interested in putting on events than in food.”
[NY Times]

The Times takes a look at some of the city’s most buzzed about food trucks, including Schnitzel & Things, The Bistro Truck, Picnick Smoked, NYC Cravings, and La Cense. Some of the offerings live up to the hype, while others don’t.
[NY Times]

Mayor Bloomberg may be a champion of nutritious eating, but his own cravings have him dumping salt on everything, devouring burnt bacon and peanut butter sandwiches, and doing his best to resist hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and fried chicken.
[NY Times]

What’s a foodiot? It’s best explained as people who are food-obsessed, chatting constantly about where and what they love to eat, and even taking photos of their favorite meals to post on Facebook and Twitter.