Friday: Our 10 Best Spam Haikus


The Fork in the Road staff has gone nearly blind scanning nearly 3000 SPAM haikus in search of the most perfect ones. You remember SPAM haikus, don’t you?–the signal literary accomplishment of the go-go 90’s, at first done anonymously, the later ones proudly signed by their obsessed, nerdball, computer-geek creators. SPAM haiku were maybe the first literary form to be written and enjoyed solely within the confines of the computer, prefiguring blogs in the catholicity of its contributors.

Please join us tomorrow to see the ones we picked out. To tide you over, here’s one that didn’t quite make the cut:

Open can, insert member:
Wham, bam, thank you SPAM!

Please have your own favorites at the ready; we’ll add these to the collection as they come in.