Let’s Remember Paul Burke–And Let’s Discuss Mackenzie Phillips’ Incest Scandal


Paul Burke got two Emmy nominations, but he was shamefully left out of the Emmy Awards “In Memoriam” segment the other night!

Paul–who died on September 13–had been nominated for the ’60s series Naked City in which he replaced James Franciscus to ratings and acclaim. He was also in scads of other TV series, but my good/bad movie club primarily knows him for three other works:

*Della, a bizarre Joan Crawford flick in which Joan tries to keep her daughter indoors because she has some kind of rare skin disease and is allergic to the sun. (I can’t remember what part Paul played, which is actually good for Paul.)

*Daddy’s Gone a-Hunting, a thriller set in San Francisco about a psycho who demands that his ex girlfriend kill her baby. (Paul played the woman’s relatively normal new husband.)

And mainly, Valley of the Dolls, the grandmother of good/bad movies, in which Paul was the similarly named Lyon Burke, a smarmy yet somehow wooden agent who romances Barbara Parkins en route to dumping her and shtupping Patty Duke.

Now do you see why we must remember Paul Burke?