Madoff Victims Screwed Again


If Bernie Madoff had actually killed anyone (directly, that is) with his underhanded financial machinations, you get the feeling that, just for kicks, the fates would figure out a way to dig up the corpse and kill it again. As it is, the entire Madoff nightmare is such a massive clusterfuck that it’s turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving — kind of like herpes.

Newsday is reporting that a laptop containing the names, addresses and social security numbers of some 2,246 Madoff investors was stolen out of a car in Dallas. The car belonged to an employee of the company handling the claims of Madoff’s victims. Dallas police call it your basic smash-and-grab and don’t think the information on the computer has been compromised.

Thing is, the theft happened two months ago — and Madoff investors are furious that they’re just now being informed of the potential security breach, by mail no less.

Madoff, meanwhile, is serving 150 years in prison for pulling the multi-billion dollar scam.