Monolithic Discount Grocer Bringing Low Prices, “Going Out of Business” Signs To Queens


Looks like Queens will be getting one more thing to brag about — and, not surprisingly, it’ll have to do with food.

ALDI, the international discount grocery chain, has announced that it’ll be opening its first store in New York City in early 2010 — and that it’ll be in Queens. (The owners won’t say exactly where.) ALDI already has more than a thousand stores in the U.S. It’s a sister store to Trader Joe’s — they’re both owned by the same brothers, German-born Theo and Karl Albrecht — and is sort of like the Wal-Mart of grocery store chains, offering deep discounts and a large selection of store-brand merch exclusive to ALDI. (Remember by the way, that’s “ALDI,” not “IKEA.”)

“They shake up a market,” says supermarket consultant Burt Flickinger. “And they don’t come in with just one store. They’ll open five, then 10 and 15.”

That noise you hear is Mom & Pop already being crushed under the heel of the coming German supermarket blitzkrieg.