What’s The Most Romantic Movie Of All Time?


Is it one of the really obvious ones? You know, Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, or Titanic, for Chrissake? Is it the more recent Oscar winner, Slumdog Millionaire, which plucked at your heartstrings like an expert sitar player, though you tried to resist it with every final answer? Or Brokeback Mountain, where, the lovers being gay, it absolutely had to end in death, despair, and abandoned chaps?

Let’s not rule out goosebump-inducing films with the Hepburns, Katharine (Summertime) and Audrey (Roman Holiday, Love in the Afternoon, etc). Might it even be Jerry McGuire, the toothy rom-com that had even the most hardened cynics beaming over platitudes like “You complete me” and “You had me at hello”?

Well, maybe. But for my own personal choice, I’d have to go to a far more unusual romantic film. It’s 1933’s King Kong, with Fay Wray falling head over heels for the big, hairy ape of the title. Give it another look and you’ll see what true chemistry is.