Gore Doesn’t Quite Endorse Bloomie


While in town on an anti-global-warming mission of painting roofs white today, Al Gore halfway, almost, not-quite-outright endorsed…Mayor Bloomberg.

Praising Bloomberg’s environmental record, Gore said “I’m proud to endorse the leadership and the actions” of the mayor, if not the man himself outright. Comparing himself to a recovering alcoholic, Gore said, “I am a recovering politician. I’m on about step nine, so I try to stay out of the partisan races, but I’m very proud of Mike Bloomberg‚s leadership, I really am. I’m not just saying it.”

It has not been a good week for New York Democratic nominees for high office seeking endorsement. Between the sitting Democratic governor being dissed by the Democratic President, and the last Democratic Vice President praising the Democratic mayoral candidate’s challenger today, Bill Thompson’s got to wonder: what’s a Dem got to do to get some love around here?