Paterson Hints at Stepping Aside Crushing Secret Senatorial Plan Once and For All


Poor David Paterson.

No, really. All the guy wanted was to become a United States Senator — now he’s the Fredo Corleone of the Democratic Party.

Yesterday during an appearance in Syracuse, the embattled governor finally dropped the stoic act and revealed what his grand plans had once been in politics — before he was, you know, told not to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out by Barack Obama. Paterson states bluntly, “I did not sign up for this.” He claims that he wanted on the Eliot Spitzer gubernatorial ticket in the hope that Hillary Clinton would win the White House and Spitzer would appoint him to her vacant senate seat.

If you’re thinking that a political leader shouldn’t indulge in these sorts of ephemeral flights of fancy, congratulations — you’ve hit at the heart of why Paterson has failed so spectacularly as governor.

Paterson is also, for the first time, hinting at the fact that he may be getting the hint: He said yesterday, “I think if I got to a point where I thought my candidacy was hurting my party, obviously it would be rather self-absorbed to go forward.”

His wife, however, isn’t taking the party’s slight — nor its recent canonization of Andrew Cuomo — lying down. She hit back at Barack Obama’s suggestion that her husband quietly butt out. “I have never heard of a President asking a sitting governor not to run for reelection,” she said. “I thought it was very unusual and very unfair.”

But maybe her outrage is misplaced. This morning, the Politico is reporting that Obama stepped into the fray only after being urged to by homegrown Democrats.