Ryan Adams’ Morrison Hotel Art Show: The Day After


Musician-in-hiatus Ryan Adams debuted a whole host of work at the Bowery’s Morrison Hotel–that old CBGB-gallery-turned-confusingly-low-ambition-purveyor-of-“fine art music photography”–last night, in a balloon-drenched bacchanal of paintings of arcade games and self-portraiture. Today, the gallery’s display stares accusingly outward:

Pretty sure John Varvatos got here first, as far as zeitgeist-killing agitprop goes, but I suppose the bums that do in fact still loiter on that block appreciate Adams’ efforts on their behalf.

Dug the details though. There were also ones for 7 Seconds and Slayer:

Once you got inside, things looked pretty hungover.

Me: So, these balloons are left over from the opening last night?

Friendly gallery employee: Yeah. If you want one, you can have one.


$15,000 was pretty much the going rate for these canvases. Not sure if the economy will sustain that kind of optimism. Still, who wouldn’t want a picture of the artist on their wall?

Not everything was finished in time:

Dude is clearly taking his new gig seriously though. Groupies would do well to stake this unfinished canvas out.

The most expensive pair of headphones of all-time.

You guys are probably more alike than you know, Ryan.