Somebody Got Murdered: Arrests in Murder of Innocent Bystander in the Bronx


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DATE: Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009, 3:22 p.m.
LOCATION: 446 E 146 St., the Bronx.

The police have made two arrests in the fatal shooting of an innocent bystander Tuesday in the Bronx. Aisha Santiago, 25, of East 146th Street in the Bronx, was returning home with her 9-year-old son when gunfire erupted on the sidewalk. She pushed her son to safety, but a bullet hit her in the back. She died at the scene.

Arrested were Joseph Diaz, 25, of Marcy Place, on murder charges, and Robert Vargas, 16, of East 146th Street. He was charged with assault and criminally negligent homicide.

Police said the shooting started during a dispute between two men and a third person. A second victim was shot in the leg. He was at Lincoln Hospital, where he is expected to survive.

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