The Dread Death March of a U2 Show at the Meadowlands


New Jersey Transit apparently did their best last night to cause the mass stampede deaths of tens of thousands of U2 fans, who were left to line up eternally in the wilds of the Meadowlands in the wake of the band’s show just to get trains back to civilization. “There was pushing and shoving as a crowd of 10 deep fought to cram themselves on to infrequent trains,” one horrified participant told NBC New York. “We were told by attendants they would come every 8 minutes or so. Not the case. We waited half an hour.” Half a fucking hour! Some have taken to writing angry poetry about the NJT in NBC’s comment section:

    • Thats right, no buses from the port authority.


    • I went to a football game in August and they were running buses.


    • The New Jersey transit officials must have been hired from New Orleans after katrina.


    • If anything,they had months to prepare for this concert and it was still terribly organized.


    • Their excuses are lame and really an insult.


    • Corzine, I dont live in New Jersey,but this is on your watch.


    Heads should roll

You hear that, New Jersey Transit? You’re just as bad as the people who left children in New Orleans to be raped and killed in the middle of a hurricane. Meanwhile, reliable sources tell SOTC that U2 left the scene in a gold-plated helicopter full of money, and they didn’t even deign to shower the anguished crowd with $100 bills on their way out.

Train in Vain: U2 Fans Stranded for Hours After Concert