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Low-end theorists Hull are part of the new wave of experimental Brooklyn doom (alongside Tombs, Batillus, Bloody Panda, and Inswarm) and may be the most ambitious of the lot. Debut album Sole Lord (The End) has the woofer wreckage of any number of experimental post-Neurosis fever dreams, but that’s where the comparison ends. They’ve cobbled a concept album out of whatever’s in their CD changer: black metal textures, post-metal dynamics, sludge-pop chant-alongs, tech-metal tweakery, death metal growls–their only standing rule is the bowel-churning, downtuned, deep-fried stoner-doom riff. Seven-minute epic “Architect” starts with forlorn Isis-style art-prog, but quickly turns into a blackened punko churn. Monster riffs come and sweep everything out into the desert, and a haunting cry at the 4:40 mark turns it from splatter film to psychological drama.

Hull guitarist Drew Mack on “Architect”

What is this song about?

“Architect” hits the point of our saga where the Egyptian pharaoh leads his humble followers into the Fertile Crescent where Egypt’s first architect lays the foundation for a monument thus far unparalleled by their predecessors.

How did this song come about? What was the inspiration?

We have long since had the idea to create a collection of albums that hit on different civilizations of man. Egypt and the first erected pyramid seemed like a great place to kick it off.

Who is your singer? Who does the scream in the bridge?

We actually don’t have a “singer.” All four guitarists sing an eclectic range of vocal stylings and it all depends on whose demon is ready to spill forth from their tangled craw. However, if you are referring to the sweeping doom that comes after a slight pause, Hull formed all voices into one and brought our good friends from I Am the Avalanche into the studio to top off the mountain.

Do you have a most memorable New York show?

We once shared a stage that would be too small for even the smallest of bands in Manhattan–the Annex–with the mighty Boris.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

Well, the closest and cheapest place that we frequently pillage would be the Bushwick Pita Palace. My personal favorite, being a vegetarian, would be Foodswings. Our others are Motorino, Castro’s, DeStefano’s, and Bonita.

Download: [audio-1]

Hull plays Sunday, September 27, at Union Pool with Batillus and Dark Vibe.

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