Fork in the Road On the Road: Bikeable Meals in Montreal


New York City and its restaurants are not the only places getting more bike friendly. Montreal launched a new citywide bike sharing system earlier this year, similar to those found in Copenhagen and Helsinki. BIXI, as the system is called, requires an annual subscription for about $75, then allows you to borrow bikes for free from stations throughout the city for up to 30 minutes. Longer rides incur additional fees, so the best way to work the system is to stop at a station every 30 minutes to transfer to a new bike. BIXI stations literally dot the city center, with several conveniently located near some of Montreal’s most acclaimed restaurants, including around the corner from Joe Beef in the gentrified neighborhood of Little Burgundy (walking distance from bountiful Atwater Market), not far from the game-heavy Le Club Chasse et Peche in Old Montreal, and just outside Au Pied de Cochon on the Plateau Mont-Royal. After a poutine topped with foie gras, a specialty at the latter, a good bike ride might be just what the doctor ordered.