From Bad, To Worse, To Just Weird for Governor Paterson


It’s hard to imagine how David Paterson’s week could get much worse.

First he’s reportedly pressured by President Obama not to run for the governor’s seat again, then he watches as Andrew Cuomo is seemingly anointed the future of Democratic politics in New York, now he’s pitilessly skewered in front of the nation on Saturday Night Live.

Last night on the show’s Thursday night special, the SNL writers resurrected Fred Armisen’s brutal impression of the embattled governor — one which not-so-subtly makes fun of his blindness and lampoons him as being generally inept.

When “Weekend Update” host Seth Myers asked him about the revelation yesterday that he had originally joined the Spitzer ticket in the hope of one day being appointed to replace Hillary Clinton if she won the White House, Armisen’s Paterson replied that he had dreamed of “zigzagging up the Capitol steps,” and “shaking hands with an even mix of statues and people,” and “trying to stick my A.T.M. card in the Vietnam Memorial.”

Sure to add to the weirdness is a story NY1’s reporting today. During an interview with the network, Governor Paterson denied that Barack Obama ever pressured him not to run for re-election. Keep in mind, even Paterson’s wife had something defiant to say toward the White House in response to the whole controversy.

Stay tuned. There’s still one day left in the week. Anything can happen.

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