Ghosts of New York City Past


Courtesy of the Huffington Post: One of the most entertaining things you’ll see and read all day — in two parts.

Nick Carr is a film location scout living in New York City. His bio reads: “When your job is to stare at the city and pay close attention, you start to notice that New York is filled with amazing, beautiful, and sometimes quirky sights and artifacts that are completely ignored by the majority of its residents.”

Earlier this week, he posted a series of photos, along with movie freeze-frames, that documents how much New York City has changed since the 1984 classic Ghostbusters used it as a backdrop. He basically goes shot by shot, putting then and now up against each other and comparing. In addition to simply getting a look at the locations of some of your favorite scenes from the movie, it really gives you an idea of what 25 years have done to the city. In some cases, the differences are dramatic — in others, there’s barely any difference at all.

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