Mickey D’s Looks Into Sustainable Spuds; Brooklyn Blogger Investigates New York Pizza


Farmers and researchers are seeking a more environmentally friendly potato variety that can be used to make McDonald’s French fries. The chain is being pressured to find a spud that requires fewer pesticides and less water.
[Globe and Mail]

A 26-year-old blogger from Brooklyn is aiming to taste slices from every pizzeria in the city. His blog,, has already featured slices from every pizza joint above 125th Street.
[NY Daily News]

The Department of Education has a new $28.4 million deal in the works to fund school sports that will replace an existing contract with Snapple. While Snapple has brought in more money, the new deal will also work toward reducing childhood obesity.
[NY Daily News]

A new British study reveals that while Red Bull can boost energy, it won’t keep you alert behind the wheel of a car. Consuming beverages high in caffeine and sugar, in other words, won’t necessarily keep you awake while driving.
[NY Daily News]

Alain Ducasse, who is known to seek out street food and hole-in-the-wall eateries, recently dined at Xie Xie, where he ordered almost everything on the menu. Ducasse was “clearly jazzed by both the concept… and the chef.”
[NY Times]

A staple of Belgian cuisine, beer and cheese pairings are gaining popularity across the globe, from gourmet taverns in New York to even wine-obsessed Italy.
[Wall Street Journal]