Paul Grieco Says He and Marco Canora Will be “Pursuing Opportunities” with Terroir


Per a press release, Marco Canora and Paul Greico are “moving on” from Insieme, the Michelin-starred Italian restaurant they opened in 2007 at the Michelangelo Hotel:

“With Insieme’s solid foundation established, Canora and Grieco are moving on as of October 1 to focus on their first restaurant, Hearth, and their expanding wine bar, Terroir.” Bryan Hunt, Insieme’s chef de cuisine, will take over the reigns in Insieme’s kitchen.

But what are Canora and Grieco planning? Reached at Hearth, Grieco was slightly circumspect, but did offer this: “Hearth will remain as is; it’s our baby, our first big love.” As for Terroir, “We think it’s a perfect concept for this economy, and for an improved economy,” he says. “We think communities around the city might enjoy having their own Terroir, a cool little wine bar related to their own sense of community.” Right now, he says, “we’re retrenching in the downtown area, and pursuing opportunities across metropolitan New York.” So, make of that what you will. But what we make of that is that there may be a few more places to raise a glass of Riesling in the near future.