Posts of the Week


It’s Friday! Friday afternoon! And here are our best posts of the last five days!

Our 10 Best: SPAM Haikus celebrate the “mystical correspondence between SPAM and the poetic form.”

Porchetta’s Sara Jenkins talks about her upcoming gig at Txikito.

Thanks to Cheryl Lins, New York State is getting its own absinthe.

Highlands will be serving contemporary Scottish food and design, and, eventually, haggis.

On Top Chef, Penn and Teller did weird things with aluminum balls and Ron went home.

NYC’s new wholesale farmers market is a move in the right direction.

Battle of the Dishes pitted Valentina and Tapatio hot sauces against one another.

The Naughty Kitchen isn’t so much naughty as flat-out nasty.

New Zealand winemakers are invading the city.

At the StarChefs panel, chefs reflected on what they learned from deals gone bad.

Incredibly Cheap Eats and G-U-T-B-O-M-B collide on IKEA’s Swedish meatball platter.

Ratha Chau and Angelo Sosa provided some insights into the Asian sandwich phenomenon.

Kurt Gutenbrunner chatted about the Standard’s beer garden and Oktoberfest.

Mixologist Junior Merino is now creating in-flight cocktails for Mexicana Airlines.

Flushing’s Lorabie Bakery & Cafe offers baked goods, sushi, “wingo wings,” and halal tandoori.

Bar Blanc Bistro’s Sebastiaan Zijp shares his recipe for moules and frites.