Vote For TV’s Top Canine


It’s the American Kennel Club’s 125th anniversary–yes, they’re the same age as Joan Collins–so they’ve rigged up a fun poll whereby you help pick pop culture’s 125 top dogs. Yep, we’re talking about America’s favorite shedding, panting creatures–but let’s not include the cast of The Jerry Springer Show, if you don’t mind.

Among the esteemed nominees for TV pooch are The Brady Bunch‘s Tiger, who should get extra points for having to listen to all that crappy dialogue, and Full House‘s Comet, who had to endure cutesy banter, not to mention Jodie Sweetin‘s pre-meth stressing. But let’s not forget Brian Griffin from Family Guy, who manages to drink martinis and smoke and still be witty and appealing. My paw is clicking for HIM to win!