Week in Review: A Boyfriend, A Father, A Suntan, A Pizza, A Bottle of Wine


In the week in which America was overrun by mass-transit- and election sabotaging Irishmen, prize-winning but not Times-worthy Canadians, Venezuelan Courtney Love acolytes, sitcom-starring (and Apple-shilling) Frenchmen, and domestic, weed-and-gun-toting terrorists (free Boosie), we indulged our inner raging xenophobe. (Some things we still permitted in our backyard, though.)

Our new Brooklyn nationalist muses: low-end theorists Hull, whose “Architect” is about getting even with Egyptian pharaohs, and Pitom, whose jazz twurking “The Robe Of Priestly Proportions: Part 1” was inspired by “the robe worn by the High Priest during the times of the Jewish temples.”

And our rites: SunnO))) and Earth laying greasy smoke-filled waste to the Brooklyn Masonic Temple, Polvo gyrating back into existence at the Bell House, Crooklyn Clan gracing a deserted Santos Party House, and a very, very good White Stripes documentary by the name of Under the Great White Northern Lights.

And our apostates: Ryan Adams, painter. The New York Times, pedant. John Edwards, Dave Matthews Band fan. And Bob Dylan, carol-defiler.

And our fallen: Roc Raida, Josh Link, Courtney Love’s Twitter account.

And those who helped pass the time: Girls, Jay-Z, Ghostface, Rorschach, Glass Ghost, St. Vincent, and the thought of a better world beyond these four claustrophobic walls. We’re back on Monday, except if we’re not, in which case you’ll probably find us sleeping it off in a ditch somewhere near Yaphank. It wouldn’t necessarily be the first time.