Governor Paterson since yesterday


The Times joins 62% of New Yorkers in a Marist poll earlier in the week who think that the White House needs to back off Paterson, and 63% who think that Paterson needs to drop out.

The alleged White House attempt to pressure the Governor out of the race through anonymous leaks to the Times was, the editorial board says, “unwelcome and amateurish.”

Some Albany lawmakers, on the other hand, don’t appear to be too upset about it.

In the News, the latest line on a possible Cuomo connection appears to be a qualified no:

“I don’t think [the] attorney general had any connection to this at all,” Paterson said at an event in Queens.

“I said that there were people that had that kind of access, and I don’t believe that they actually used it, but really, in the end, what would I know?

“In other words, I don’t believe that they actually used that access”

Potential Republican opponent Rudy Giuliani made a few snarky comments about the situation, which impressed pretty much nobody, and announced that he was waiting until November to make up his mind. America’s Former Mayor (we’ll pay shipping) has not served the NYSGOP, his potential opponent Mr. Lazio, or himself very well in the past by drag-assing this kind of thing until the last minute, but he does enjoy being on TV.

Presumably they’ll ask Paterson about all this on Meet the Press tomorrow.