Second Avenue Subway not on schedule


You probably won’t be amazed at all to hear that the the MTA’s Second Avenue Subway project is not going well at all, according to a report released by Carolyn Maloney.

According to the report, the MTA should have been able to avoid some of the delays by realizing ahead of time that setting off underground explosions near structurally unstable buildings is not a good idea.

The MTA says that city records show that two UES buildings which are being stabilized were already damaged. Residents, who are seriously not happy, say that vibrations from subway construction have accelerated the damage. The MTA says their vibrations meet building standards, which doesn’t help all that much if the buildings don’t.

The projected opening of the first section to be completed, originally scheduled for 2012, may now be moved back to 2018. The current projection is 2016 or 2017, depending who you ask. The original plans to build a Second Avenue line as the second phase of building the Sixth and Eighth Avenue lines started in 1920.