Tunnel to Towers Run going forward, dressed


The eighth annual Tunnel to Towers Run is is going forward tomorrow, despite a fire in the UPS truck which was carrying registration materials, trophies, and thousands of t-shirts for the runners.

Firefighters brought the t-shirts to the Hilton Garden Hotel on Staten Island, where Richard Nicotra, Blanca Cubides and William Fonseca of the hotel’s staff and firefighter volunteers worked through the night laundering and ironing fourteen of the eighteen thousand t-shirts which were caught in the fire.

The run honors firefighter Stephen Siller, who was off duty but ran through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel in full gear to get to Manhattan on 9/11 when his car was blocked from going through the tunnel. Siller was among the firefighters who died in the Towers.

The run starts at 9:30 tomorrow morning at the Brooklyn entrance to the tunnel.