Weekend Special: More New Food from the Brooklyn Flea


At Saturday’s Brooklyn Flea in Ft. Greene, you could cop a vintage dress spattered with red, red tomatoes.

Back in April, Fork in the Road reported on the efflorescence of food at the Brooklyn Flea. That trend continued through the summer and into the fall, and now there are an even dozen food-bearing establishments at the open-air market, nearly eclipsing the rest of the stuff at the market. While this was the last week for the People’s Pops (“The weather is getting too cool,” reports Nathalie, who intends to go on the road), other booths will be staying into autumn, including the old standbys selling pizza, papusas, and quesadillas.

At the booth of Salvatore Bklyn–an outfit that makes its own ricotta cheese–little toasts with serrano ham, arugula, and well-peppered fresh mozzarella sell for a mere $3, and olive oil is poured over the top at the last minute.

Comparative newcomers to the mix of vendors include lobster rolls from the Red Hook Lobster Pound, diverse caramels from Liddabit Sweets, and hot dogs from Asiadog. There are also two pickle vendors, a cookie seller, and a place that pours exotic teas. Collectively, this may be the very best food court in the city, second to none. Turn the page for more photos from the Brooklyn Flea.

No prettier sight at the Brooklyn Flea than a whole leg of Serrano ham waiting to be hand cut at Salvatore Bklyn.

Asiadog offers a variety of frank toppings, including Ginny (homemade kimchi), Ito (Japanese curry with kimchi apples), Sidney (mango, cucumber, onion relish, and peanut sauce), and Wangding (pork belly and shredded scallions, shown above).

Avid bakers may want to invest in an antique pie rack.

The beer & pretzel caramels at Liddabit Sweets were a surprise favorite.

Don’t let the awful dolls scare you away from the excellent eats at the Brooklyn Flea.