Sweep Dreams are Made of These


Depending on who you talk to, the outcome of Game 3 of the Yankee Sox series is either important or immaterial. Ask a Yankee fan, ahd he’ll tell you that a sweep means not just clinching the division title, but a mental edge, as well as the opportunity to celebrate this feat in from of their rivals.

Ask a Red Sux fan, and they’ll act like they forgot a game was even going on today. “Pshhh…I’m watching Tom Brady. Like I really care about a Yankee-Sox game that doesn’t mean anything when both teams are already in the playoffs.”

What do you think they’d be saying if the Sux–not the Yanks–were the ones looking for the sweep today? They’d probably remember the game was on. Maybe even use picture-in-picture on their tv to catch both NFL Sunday AND MLB Sunday.

But as it is, with a Giants game, Jets game, and Pats game all competiting for our attention at 1:00, the Red Sox-Yanks game is falling by the wayside. But not for me. The way I see it, baseball season is almost over, no matter how you look at it. Whether the Yanks go on to play another month or another few weeks, I only got so many chances left to see them. I have all winter to bury myself in NFL mania. Sorry, Big Blue.

The game today matches up Paul Byrd (1-2, 6.04, HAHAHAHHHHA) against Andy Pettitte (13-7, 4.15) in probably the least drama-infused pitching duel of the series. My vested interest in this game stems largely from seeing how well Andy does against this lineup. I can never remember whether or not I trust him in the rotation. I lean towards yes because, well it’s Andy Pettitte.

But sometimes it’s like when Bernie Williams used to come to bat in the final months of his Yankee tenure and I was afraid his head would fall off from old age, forget about getting on base.

Paul Byrd makes me laugh for some reason, because it was just another weird pick up for the Sux in a long line of “Um, interesting move, Theo” choices for their rotation (see: Brad Penny, John Smoltz, et al.) He’s been far from effective, giving up 9 hits to Kansas City in less than 7 innings of work in his last start.

Against the Yanks, he’s 3-5 witha 4.73 ERA in 11 starts. I seem to remember this guy giving us the business a few years ago in the ALDS, when the Yanks lost 6-4 to the Indians, but I’m still more scared of ladel than I am of Byrd. (So, of course, it would stand to reason that the guy pitches a perfect game against us now or something.)

Robinson Cano is 5-15 off Big Byrd, and one hit today would give him a 200-hit season. No other team in baseball history has a SS and a 2B both with 200 hits.

(Is that possible?? I heard that during the game the other day, but I mean, I also heard that Jon Lester is younger than Joba, and the Dan Shaughnessy is a “great Boston writer.” So I can’t put too much stock into the fact checking prowess of the broadcast booth these days…)

I’m assuming the 200-hit fact is true though, because I like it. Additionally, if the Yanks win this, it’ll mean a 100-win season. Another nice round number.

Let’s go Yanks. Bury them. Summon your inner Lawrence Taylors and unleash hell on them. Beat their spirits into an unrecognizable pulp, and reclaim a division that’s always been yours to lose.