Boy Crisis Eat Hotdogs, Inhabit McCarren Pool for “The Fountain of Youth” Video


Here is that eagerly anticipated video for Boy Crisis’ slow-gin-fizz of a single, “The Fountain of Youth.” The one with the Craig’s List casting call looking for local spear-wielding ladies to wear “relatively minimal” costumes. The one that offered no pay, but free food. Here the finished product is, and it is quite . . . interesting. Directed by fellow Wesleyan grad Jordan Fish, the clip’s premise, it seems, is that ever since fetid dead-body hiding place McCarren Pool stopped being a location for those very popular Pool Parties, the aquamarine wasteland has become inhabited by a strange gang of sallow-faced ladies. In between rummaging through the trashcans outside Beacon’s Closet for store-rejected swimsuits and squatting in the abandoned park, this headdressed lady-gang has taken the members of Boy Crisis prisoner, in the hopes of making them sperm donors. Boy Crisis, unbelievably, does not put up a fight. There is a ceremonial offering that involves facepainting, hotdogs, (yes, really), and a giant arts-and-crafts scarecrow idol likely leftover from last year’s Renegade Craft Fair. Then, out of nowhere, a Boy Crisis concert breaks out in the pool! This is the sound of Williamsburg, everybody, how do you feel?