C of C Says Brooklyn Doing Pretty Good Compared to New York


The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has released its 2009 Labor Market Review for the borough, and while the trends they see aren’t overwhelmingly positive — personal income is expected to drop by $2.4 billion this year, or 2.9 percent, its first decline in 40 years — there’s some good news: Brooklyn is doing better than New York as a whole.

Some of this is just logistics — many Brooklynites work in Manhattan, so you’d expect the borough’s job losses, which are indeed up, to be less dire than the city’s as a whole — but that 2.9 percent drop in income compares well with New York’s expected 3.2 percent loss.

And Brooklyn employment numbers are up in educational services (2.3 percent), and in health care and social assistance (1.8). The Chamber explains that “Brooklyn has a higher concentration than the city overall of jobs in health, education and social services — typically more recession-resistant sectors.” See, you can do well by doing good, at least compared to those schmoes selling real estate or fancy clothes in Manhattan.

To what may we attribute this relative good fortune? The C of C declines to state, though it alludes to Obama’s recovery spending. But the real reason should be obvious to style-watchers: it’s Brooklyn’s cachet! Didn’t you see Bored to Death? “Manhattan never felt so bourgeois, so uncool, so old,” says the Times. Jason Schwartzman has style, Ted Danson has herpes! “‘Bored to Death’ is really Brooklyn’s coming-out party to the HBO-watching world.”

We thought the opening of the IKEA in Red Hook was the coming-out party — or was it the 182nd New York magazine Williamsburg profile? Whatever. These days we’ll take what we can get.