Mountain Goats Performance Doc Screens Sunday at Housing Works


The Life of the World to Come, the new and frequently heartbreaking record from the Mountain Goats, is out next Tuesday. Starting tomorrow, the Colbert Report will be streaming the album in advance of John Darnielle’s scheduled October 6th appearance on the show. And this Sunday, Housing Works will host Darnielle and Brick director Rian Craig Johnson, who earlier this year shot a video of Darneille performing the entirety of Life of the World in a rented hall at Pomona College. Johnson’s a big Mountain Goats fan–he once directed the video to Get Lonely‘s “Woke Up New,” and on his blog he calls Darnielle’s newest “beautiful.” The idea here was to capture “what’s so special about seeing John perform live,” Johnson writes:

    Awhile back, they (and by ‘they’ I mean John Darnielle) got in touch with me about filming a few songs being performed live. This is what we ended up doing: we rented a hall in Pomona College, the very first space John ever performed in (as a child doing a piano recital) and I shot him performing the entire album straight through, in one continuous shot. It captures in some way (I hope) what’s so special about seeing John perform live.

A full length version of the video will be made available very soon online (the label is working out the hows of it now) but in the meanwhile if you’re in NYC, come on down to a screening we’re doing on the 4th. John and I will be there for a q&a.

That screening is at Housing Works, and the details are as follows:

Date – Sunday, 10/4

At – Housing Works – 126 Crosby St.

Presented by – Other Music

    5:45PM – Doors
    6 – 7PM – Film Screening
    7 – 7:30PM – Q&A/Post-screening discussion with John and Rian
    7:30 – 8:30PM – Cocktail Hour

Admission is free / open to the public / first come, first served

Album will be on sale early at this event

This one will almost certainly fill up quickly, so get there early. We’ll be the ones slightly ahead of you in line.