News Roundup: Jim Carroll’s Forthcoming Novel, Two Drunk Dudes Fight in a Bar, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir


–Viking will likely publish a posthumous debut novel by the deceased poet and musician Jim Carroll sometime next year, reports the New York Times. The book is tentatively titled The Petting Zoo and concerns “an art-world prodigy of the 1980s, Billy Wolfram, who is driven by early fame into seclusion, where he suffers psychological and spiritual crises.” The book, which Carroll wrote in the same Inwood building in which he’d grown up, was apparently in final edits when a September 11th heart attack felled the former Trinity basketball star. “Jim was really in love with the concept of his own phoenix-like rise, which had happened repeatedly in his life — bottoming out, then transcending his negative circumstances with an undeniably brilliant work of art,” said his ex-wife, Rosemary Carroll. Here’s to one more resurrection.

–Two indie-rockers in their 20s in a Williamsburg bar did or did not get in a fight at 4 a.m. on a Saturday morning. One got hit in the face with a bottle, and subsequently called the other a faggot on the internet. Luckily, this is all now Atlanta’s problem, not ours.

–The Chicago pop band Scotland Yard Gospel Choir was involved in a terrible van accident in Indiana last week; band members Ethan Adelsman and Jay Santana were treated and released locally, but bassist Mark Yoshizumi was airlifted to a Chicago hospital, where he remains in serious (upgraded from critical) condition, according to SYGC’s label, Bloodshot Records. A Pay Pal account has been set up so that people can donate and help the band with their equipment and medical bills; you can find that link here.