Post: Monserrate Found PBA Card on Girlfriend, Flipped Out


The trial of Hiram Monserrate, the state senator accused of slashing his girlfriend, reveals the alleged jealous rage that turned the legislator into a perpetrator was prompted by his discovery of the PBA card of Officer Walter Loor in girlfriend Katy Giraldo’s possession. The married, 48-year-old Loor, a 17-year NYPD veteran working out of the 28th Precinct in Harlem, tells the New York Post he doesn’t even know Giraldo, which is the smart play in any case. You can watch Monserrate dragging the slashed Giraldo out of her apartment building (no audio, alas) at gadfly Rafael Martinez Alequin‘s site.

Outside the halls of justice, Monserrate has been named a finalist by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign for their “Oil Slick” Award, given for the worst environmental record in New York politics. Pedro Espada, Jr. is also a finalist. ” We’ll never say this again,” says Streetsblog: “Vote Espada and Monserrate!”