The Fried Chicken Craze of 2009; City to Go Seltzer-less for Awhile


A Coney Island food stamp office is slated to close next month, which will force residents in the area to go to lower Manhattan for service. New food stamp applications are no longer accepted at the Coney Island office.
[NY Daily News] is a newish service that allows office workers to order lunch online, which can then be delivered or picked up without the hassle of having to wait in line or wait for change.
[NY Times]

Kraft Foods is now prepared to offer 11 billion pounds, or about $17.45 billion, for the British confectionary company Cadbury. Its earlier $16.7 billion bid was rebuffed.
[NY Times]

2009 has been the year of fried chicken. Momofuku and Locanda Verde helped ignite the craze this summer with their sell-out reservation-only fried chicken meals. But who really has the best bird in the city?
[NY Magazine]

Ronny Beberman, the city’s last seltzer deliveryman, fell eight feet off his own seltzer truck, injuring himself seriously. He will be out of service for a while.
[NY Times]