Upscale Tennis Center Planned for Billyburg


What with the crusties seen hanging near the L this summer, and Spike Hill letting its bands blare into Bedford Avenue through an open front, giving the neighborhood an unfortunate Bleecker Street feel, Williamsburg could use some classing up. We doubt Top Chef will do it, so — tennis, anyone? The Brooklyn Paper says a group is raising money to refurbish the tennis courts at McCarren Park and eventually establish a “Prospect Park-style tennis center” there. Their first big fund-raising event: the Williamsburg Open (also called “Wimblesburg” — how cute!) if they can get the permits and enough cash to get it going, which they have not done. That sounds unpromising, and not all local observers are sympathetic (“Williamsburg Tennis Nerds Want More Tennis Courts“); the guys who play softball on the adjacent asphalt worry that they might tear up their field. But the would-be restorers, McCarren Tennis, claim the Open card is nonetheless “filling up.” Too late for summer whites, but we’re sure the natives will cotton to the G&Ts we associate with big-time tennis; now if we can just get the hipsters to golf-clap.