BOE: Council’s Thomas Has 4-Vote Lead


If you’re unexcited about today’s runoff elections, you may be interested to learn that councilman Thomas White, who like many incumbents faced a strong challenge in the September 15 primary, appears to have held the Democratic nomination by four votes, according to a final tally by the Board of Elections. White’s lead was six votes right after the race — 1,849 votes to 1,843 — though he’s been on the Council forever (after 10 years, term limits forced him out in 2001, and he returned to start over in 2005) and the Queens councilman greatly outspent his novice opponent in the race, local businessman Lynn Nunes. A BOE audit of paper and absentee ballots cut White’s margin by two votes.

Nunes hasn’t announced a challenge yet, but we’re waiting on a call-back.

Five incumbent councilmembers were voted out in the primary: Alan Gerson, Helen Sears, Kendall Stewart, Ken Mitchell, and (it was certified last week in another close tally, though challenger Fernando Cabrera had already celebrated his victory) Maria Baez.