Do Knot Disturb: A Histrionic, Sexless Bedroom Farce


Not attempting to buck any trends of the modern Bollywood blockbuster, director David Dhawan’s 18th feature collaboration with beloved comic actor Govinda is a predictably histrionic, sexless bedroom farce with decadent production design, a throbbing techno beat, and gooey lyrics via AutoTune. Its manic mayhem erupts from a fantasy requiring more suspension of disbelief than most sober minds can muster, as middle-aged cheeseball CEO Raj (Govinda) steps out on his gorgeous wife and corporation owner, Kiran (Miss Universe 1994 herself, Sushmita Sen), to be with his pop-star mistress, Dolly (Miss Universe 2000 herself, Lara Dutta). Suspecting the affair, Kiran hires a private dick to investigate, while Raj concocts his own ludicrous cover-up involving a pretend boyfriend (Ritesh Deshmukh), and we’re off: Broad misunderstandings, an enraged ex-boyfriend, amnesia, a sketchy subplot ripped from Weekend at Bernie’s, much head-smacking, and a squirrelly bellhop all amp up the decibel count without actually demonstrating wit. Contemporary B’wood movies are not for all tastes, and rarely do they show potential to appeal to mainstream American sensibilities, but Do Knot Disturb is so boorish and shrill that it’s easy to mourn all of the great, unfinished films that could be made for just the cost of its item-number budget. (If you don’t know what an item number is, then trust me, this one’s probably not for you.)