FergusStock 2009: The Menus Are Here


Now that Le Fooding and the Vendys have come and gone, the gastro-obsessed are fixing their hopes and dreams on FergusStock, Fergus Henderson’s third-annual visitation to our fair citadel. The Feed has procured the menus for the event, which takes place October 17-19 at both the Spotted Pig and the Breslin. The British chef, who never met a nose, tail, or trotter he didn’t braise, fry, or stew, will be making three meals in concert with April Bloomfield. Befitting Henderson’s offally good reputation, they’re full-blown organ recitals: think Duck Hearts and Pea Puree; Trotter, Prune, and Rabbit Pie; and Blood Cake and Eggs with Devilled Kidneys. Getting reservations will make getting into Ko look like a trip to TGI Friday’s on a Monday, so the Feed is conveniently holding a contest of sorts for all interested parties.