McMoms To the Rescue; Australians Fume Over Vegemite 2.0


McDonald’s has enlisted a team of McMoms to spread the gospel that kids can eat at Mickey D’s and still stay healthy by “customizing” their Happy Meals. Replacing fries with apple dippers cuts 195 calories.
[NY Daily News]

Australians are up in arms since Kraft introduced a milder version of Vegemite, the 86-year-old yeast extract spread that has become a national food icon. The unfortunately named iSnack2.0 blends cream cheese with Vegemite.

The One-Straw Revolution, a book written in the late 1970s by a Japanese rice farmer named Masanobu Fukuoka, has been reissued with a blurb on the back cover by Michael Pollan. It outlines an agricultural philosophy called “do-nothing” farming.
[NY Times]

Danny and Kenny Sze are two brothers from Hong Kong, who learned how to smoke salmon as low-level fish filleters at Zabar’s in the 1970s and have since opened their own deli, Sable’s. Yom Kippur marked their busiest week of the year.
[NY Daily News]

While some eateries offer free wi-fi to attract customers, a growing number of restaurants are banning laptop use to avoid having customers occupy seats for prolonged periods of time.
[Boston Globe]