What does it take to make a Francine Spiegel painting? For starters, try 10 pounds of grits, five jugs of pancake syrup, 20 cans of whipped cream, Fruit Loops, fake arms, and some blood. That’s what Spiegel used to create the imagery for her seven paintings for “Mud and Milk,” her first solo show at Deitch. Inspired by everything from her mother to horror films, Spiegel typically depicts women as monstrous creatures, seductive and gory all at the same time. For her new gross-out show, she looked to the bonnet-wearing women of the spaghetti Western Four of the Apocalypse for inspiration: “I like that they’re shown as pioneers and, at the same time, as reluctant victims.” On October 1, for the opening, she’ll give you a taste of her sloppy style when she does one of her trademark performances in the storefront gallery window.

Oct. 1-31, 2009