It’s still Kanye West’s turn to be excessively, puritanically flogged for a dumb indiscretion as the way to save a desperate public from facing consequential issues. But when Captain Ego said a stupid, drunken thing about a stupid, pointless prize at the MTV Video Music Awards last month, he regrettably stole the spotlight from following performer Pink, who hoisted herself onto a trapeze and swung from the rafters of Radio City Music Hall for a “Sober” feat of flips and leaps, her bawdy alto clear as ever. Her current “Funhouse” tour is equally outlandish and super-sexualized at each stop, replete with court jester outfits, acrobatic BDSM dancers (for “Leave Me Alone,” ironically), and many more trapeze theatrics. Who dares interrupt this fierce carnival? Who would want to?

Mon., Oct. 5, 8 p.m., 2009

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