Should Polanski Be Exonerated?


As you well know, director Roman Polanski was arrested the other day, trying to pick up an award in Switzerland. It’s not that the cops didn’t deem him worthy of the honor, necessarily–it’s just that old, messy problem about Polanski having admitted to unlawful sex with a 13-year-old way back in 1977.

That’s why the elfin auteur wasn’t there a few years ago when he won an Oscar for The Pianist. Lucky him–he could turn off his TV set when Adrien Brody grabbed Halle Berry on that same fateful night.

Anyway, Roman’s victim, now in her 40s, has forgiven him–and probably without even having gotten any Jacko-style hush money. So should everyone take her lead and just let it drop? Shouldn’t we let bygones be bygones and finally allow the man–a fine artist–to accept his awards, for chrissake?

Let me start this one: