Starbucks Unveils Instant Coffee


Starbucks, known back in olden times as the quality coffee vendor in a world full of dishwater brews, is now marketing instant coffee. Instead of coming in jars and tubs like the old-fashioned freeze-dried crystals people used to spoon into hot water, the new “Via” powder will come in long, European-looking packets, which you can empty with a cosmopolitan flick of your wrist. Packs of three cup-sized servings of Via will be sold for $2.95, $9.95 for a 12 pack, out of Starbucks outlets, though we imagine supermarkets are the next step.

WTOP taste-tested Via instant on its employees. “Mike called it a variety of things,” they report. “But on-the-record he would only call the instant coffee ‘not very tasty.'” Another taster said it was “a step above regular instant coffee.” Oddly, no one said it tasted burnt.


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