Staten Island Man Raided, Arrested for Gun Cache; Vows Fight


On Friday cops raided the Staten Island home of Anthony Cortese, confiscated a small arsenal of shotguns, handguns and rifles and armor-piercing, exploding-tip ammunition reportedly “hidden” therein, and charged him with criminal possession of a weapon and endangering the welfare of a child (he has an 11-year-old son; one of the weapons was in the boy’s bedroom closet). Cortese, out on $2,500 bail, isn’t taking this violation of his Second Amendment rights lying down. While admitting to the Staten Island Advance today that he was “stupid” not to get permits for the guns, he identifies both himself and his son as hunters — he posed for the paper on his porch with the stuffed head of a deer — and declares, “I think it’s absolutely horrible that in America, they would take away a man’s hunting rifles. I have to fight to get them back.” He didn’t say what sort of fight he had in mind — legal, we expect, as he is now otherwise unarmed; the cops even took his gravity knife. He’s due in court Wednesday. There is no mention in reports of a woman in the house. Photo (cc) Dave Parker.