If the city’s shops were to ever suffer a pastie shortage, it would be now. Tassels, glitter, and boas, too, are in high demand for the New York Burlesque Festival, which began its lucky seventh-annual installment last night. Tonight’s Premiere Party, hosted by Scotty the Blue Bunny, is a marathon of worldwide burly-q stars strutting their stuff, like Germany’s Tonicat La Miez, Sweden’s the Amazing Knicker Kittens, and NYC’s own Brown Girls Burlesque. Tomorrow, Murray Hill hosts the Saturday Spectacular, featuring more than 30 acts, at B.B. King’s. And on Sunday, the Golden Pastie Awards are doled out for the Biggest Hair, the Hottest Cougar, and the Most Likely to End Up In Bangkok Missing a Kidney.

Fri., Oct. 2, 7:30 p.m., 2009