The Coathangers


Five reasons why Atlanta girl-group the Coathangers are cooler than the Donnas: 1) Their name has a doubled meaning, including that they were really sick of holding their boyfriends’ jackets. 2) Their new album Scramble is full of too-drunk-to-punk anthems like “Gettin’ Mad And Pumpin’ Iron” and “Arthritis Sux.” 3) They’ve been known to switch instruments on every song—a feat even Sleater-Kinney couldn’t muster. 4) They combine the sex appeal of the B-52s with that of heavily tattooed crust punks. 5) They have a song called “Tonya Harding” in which the band screeches, “She was never cool with Nancy/Now they’ll never be best friends.” With Prisms and Ex-Humans.

Wed., Sept. 30, 8 p.m., 2009