Vito Fossella’s Comin’ Back, Baby!


He made the scene at a firehouse 9/11 event, and at a celebration of the Staten Island Little League near-champions. On Friday he spoke at a health care forum at the CYO Center at Staten Island’s Mission of the Immaculate Virgin. Vito Fossella appears to be politicking, which is not what the Staten Island Advance seems to expect of the disgraced former congressman, who was convicted of DWI after a pull-over last year revealed both his drunk driving and his long-term extramarital affair, in which he fathered a child.

Fossella told the 100 or so attendees at the health care forum that “you don’t level the house to fix what’s broken,” and was reported well-received.

“He sees the polls,” an unnamed politician told the Advance. “He knows the trouble that the Democrats have.” The Advance‘s readers have mixed feelings and a tendency to resort to the caps lock: ” I HOPE VITO RUNS AGAIN, BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE MY VOTE AS WELL AS MANY OTHER STATEN ISLANDERS !” “JUST GO AWAY !!!!!!! PLEASE GO AWAY!!!”

Fossella had appeared with Mayor Bloomberg at a March campaign stop in Staten Island, when we first noticed his comeback. “Rep Mike McMahon (D) is holding a town hall forum on health care next week,” says a CUNY student journalist blog, “should be interesting.”