Zazi, Alleged Beauty-Bomber, Indicted Today in Brooklyn (Update: Pleads Not Guilty)


Najibullah Zazi, the central figure in the terror investigation that led to three house raids in Queens on September 14, will be transferred from his Sunset Park holding facility and arraigned today in Brooklyn Federal Court. He was indicted last week on charges of planning to make terror bombs out of beauty products and household cleaners. Zazi has maintained his innocence in press interviews and is expected to do so today. The Post says the feds are looking at “three people from New York as suspected accomplices.”

The involvement of beauty supplies in the alleged plot previously fixated Newsday‘s Ellis Henican: “Products made for beauty, turned ugly indeed,” he wrote. “Was Zazi a very busy cosmetologist — or a very explosive guy? Either way, shopping for shampoo at the neighborhood beauty supply store never will be the same.”

Update: As expected, Zazi pleaded not guilty, and is being held without bail.