Brooklyn Gets Its Own Kosher Hot Dog Eating Contest


Jews know a thing or two about overeating, so it’s only fitting that a contest has been created specifically to encourage the practice. On Sunday, October 25, Brooklyn will hold its first kosher hot dog eating contest at Brooklyn Burger Boyz, a restaurant located on the kosher stronghold of Kings Highway. The hot dogs will be from Abeles & Heymann, a 55-year-old Bronx-based company that also produces more rarefied old-school favorites like rauchfleisch (a German cold cut made from thinly sliced smoked beef), liverwurst, and cervelat (a type of cooked sausage). And the contest’s organizers are raising the stakes, limiting consumption to a mere five minutes instead of the 12 minutes that Nathan’s permits; one of the organizers has termed it a “hot dog sprint eating contest.” All of which begs the question our grandmother would ask: “But is it good for the Jews?”