Empire State Building China Outrage Over; Time to Protest Lauren Bacall


The China-lights protest happened at the Empire State Building. Students for a Free Tibet were outside, with signs; China’s New York consul-general, Peng Keyu, was in the lobby, flipping the switch. Meanwhile everyone else who hadn’t already gotten on it chimed in, from U.S. News and World Reports (“The Empire State Building’s Disgusting Kowtow to China”) to Fox News (“Top 10 Reasons to Mark the Communist Takeover of China” — hey, they went for humor! Good idea!)

If you’ve still got some outrage stored up and don’t know what to do with it, be advised that for the October 2nd blue-and-white lighting at ESB, in honor of the 125th Anniversary of the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts, will be hosted by Lauren Bacall, who was married to Humphrey Bogart, who was a Communist dupe.