First Lady Eats Pie in Moderation; Reactions to Starbucks’ Instant Coffee Lukewarm


Michelle Obama loves fries, burgers, and pie. So what’s her secret to not gaining the White House 15? Moderation. She has no hard and fast rules about what she and her daughters can and can’t eat, but rather tries to instill good decision-making.
[NY Daily News]

The Jane Hotel is denying accusations by West Village residents about noisy, lewd parties. Unfortunately for Jane, the PR consultant hired by anti-Jane neighbors is friends with Mayor Bloomberg’s press secretary.
[NY Post]

Sharon Barlatier, the manager of one of the largest middle school cafeterias in New York, gets to cook in her kitchen. Most schools don’t have the proper equipment. She tries to entice her kids to eat healthy by using Indian spices, like the kids get at home.
[NY Times]

Starbucks’ new instant coffee, Via, is getting less-than-rave reviews. “It tastes instant,” says one woman. The chain launched the product on Tuesday, claiming it “completely replicates” a fresh-brewed cup.
[NY Daily News]

A CDC report finds that fewer than 10 percent of U.S. high-school students are eating the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables. Some states, including Arkansas and North Carolina, scored even below that average, while Vermont kids scored higher.
[Wall Street Journal]